Pirates of the Carabina Review





On 27th May, I was lucky enough to attend the opening night of Flown at the fantastic St David’s Hall. Performed by Pirates of the Carabina, the group were made up of ten circus artists, riggers and musicians, all highly experienced in theatrical and technical circus. Knowing little of what to expect, beyond vague flashbacks to a childhood visit to the circus, I was intrigued and a little apprehensive to see the stage covered in wires, pullies and a giant metal frame.

However, I was soon rewarded by a truly thrilling performance. A show of impressive circus skills was interspersed with personal monologues from the performers, all accompanied by truly spectacular live music. The international crew wowed us with their acrobatic skills and incredible strength, with features from a tightrope walker, a Chinese pole artist, and a hand balancer.  Underpinned by humorous faux-mishaps, the performers summersaulted their way around the stage, skilfully avoiding the live band!

The result was a fantastically quirky and entertaining show, with the audience unable to suppress their gasps and cheers of excitement. With everyone enthralled from the word go, I would highly recommend taking a visit to see this talented crew perform the excellently choreographed show. The Pirates of the Carabina will be performing Flown at Pontio Big Top in Bangor between 17th-25th July, with tickets available at www.piratesofthecarabina.co.uk. Make sure you don’t miss it!