Rapid Relief Team donates care packs for children in hospital


Over 2,660 RRT Care Kits and Comfort Snack Packs have been donated to families with hospitalised children, including Ronald McDonald House at Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital, as a show of love and compassion by the Rapid Relief Team UK (RRT). The donation from the charity has been made in partnership with the Ronald McDonald House Charities UK, who provide free ‘home away from home’ accommodation for families with children in hospital.

The RRT, a charity comprised of volunteers from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, donated the care packages to parents staying at Ronald McDonald Houses with their children, including at Cardiff House, in an effort to provide home comforts and raise spirits during a challenging time for these families.

The packages contain helpful supplies including aloe cleansing wipes, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and treats such as Peperami sticks, crisps, and dried apricots. One father of a child thanked the charity for the considerate gesture and described the packs as “incredible and really well thought out for families”.

The RRT has teamed up with all 13 Ronald McDonald Houses across the UK to help support families and give parents with children in hospital a much-needed break.

Emily Roux, a House Manager at Ronald McDonald House Charities UK, said:

“These kits and packs have been so wonderful. The quality of each pack is superb. The families couldn’t believe how lucky they were, and they were so grateful to be receiving them for free.

“I was speaking to the mum of a 16-year-old girl who has recently suffered a cardiac arrest. Her daughter had developed a nail infection, and the care kits provided her with two nail files, which was exactly what she needed to help make her daughter comfortable. They also include lots of snacks, which are really appreciated by families, who often don’t have time to shop and cook in between hospital visits.” 

Rod Buckley, Director at the Rapid Relief Team, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to have teamed-up with Ronald McDonald House Charities UK to share these Care Kits and Comfort Snack Packs with parents and families with children in hospital. Families remain the bedrock of our communities and we understand that having a child in hospital is an incredibly painful experience, so we are pleased that we can provide some simple comforts in this most difficult time.”