Reap the Health Benefits by Using Essential Oils.


This month we would like to beautify you with some tips on beautiful products.  Not only will you benefit from them healthwise but they also smell good enough to eat.

‘Traditionally, rosemary’s primary use is to relieve pain, though its other uses are many and varied. Whilst it is used in aromatherapy as an aid for gout, alopecia, spinal injuries and as a nerve tonic, its main uses extend from headaches and fatigue to muscular aches, pains and sprains. In the language of flowers, rosemary is known as the ‘herb of remembrance’ and over the years it has been used in tonics as a means of improving memory.

Bergamot, derived from the rind of the bergamot orange, has extensive uses in aromatherapy. Its fresh, citrus scent is used as an anti-depressant to relive stress and lift the mood. It acts to improve circulation, bring down fevers, ease coughs and colds and prevent acne.’

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