Review: RHS Flower Show Cardiff 2019: Smart Energy GB ‘Treehouse’ Exhibition – Sophie Dranfield



Cardiff’s green heart was in full bloom with the arrival of the annual Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show 2019. The focus of the show this year is on ‘wellbeing and inspiration for affordable gardens’.

The RHS charity not only shared the best in gardening, but the best in weather as well. Expert, amateur and enthusiast gardeners were brought together in Bute Park by a scorching sun and a shared love for plants. Visitors were kept as busy as a bee with garden exhibits, family fun, shopping and talks.

People were invited to experience Smart Energy GB’s specially constructed ‘treehouse’, where they were able to create their own biodegradable plant pot, and were given seeds to plant in their own gardens. The treehouse was inspired by the quote from the classical Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore: ‘The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life.’

Smart Energy GB is the campaign for a smarter Britain. It is their task to help everyone in Great Britain to understand smart meters, the national rollout and how to use their new meters to be cleaner and greener with their energy use. People were able to find out more about smart meters, and how to get one, from the friendly and helpful staff inside the treehouse.

Nature-loving visitors were encouraged to plant the seeds of a lower carbon future for their family, by getting a smart meter and helping to build a modern, connected, and efficient energy grid.


The RHS Flower Show Cardiff took place 12-14th April 2019, at Bute Park.


A review by Sophie Dranfield.