Sarah-Jane visits Locke and Remedy


The Old Library has tried and tested a few genres of booze ‘n’ food or food ‘n’ booze places for many years. Smack bang in the middle of Cardiff city centre it shouldn’t be a place easily missed but it is easy to do so. We found a quiet haven of warmth when it was raining horizontally outside. The entire population of the world was Christmas shopping but the airy and spacious restaurant was welcoming and relaxing (despite us having four children!)

The interior has changed greatly since its predecessors and the look is modern, fresh and clean, (The tiles on the bathroom floors are amazing!) The food reflects the interior. Relevant, fresh and nicely packaged. We ate burgers, sweet potato fries and pizzas which looked amazing and tasted great. Not to mention the chocolate sundaes that kept the children quietly scoffed for hours later! We played Top Trumps (our new favourite family game) to keep ourselves entertained as although the wait for food wasn’t long, the place makes you a little nervous that your kids might wreck it!

There were a number of other families eating there and I was surprised there weren’t more – they don’t advertise a children’s menu but they offered smaller portion sizes when we asked.  In fact the staff were very friendly and accommodating to our noisy family throughout. I believe that those without four children in tow may enjoy a classic cocktail or two, and sit back and enjoy the décor but we had an important trip to the Lego shop so it was back out into the rain again!

I hope we will pop back to Locke and Remedy again soon, come rain or shine.