Sat Bains Chosen to Represent UK in Global Project to Reduce Food Waste In The Home


The Why Waste? Project returns for its second year with Massimo Bottura challenging three of the most influential chefs from around the world to transform food unjustly categorised as ‘waste’ into imaginative and delicious dishes.  Representing the UK is Sat Bains of two-Michelin star restaurant with rooms located in Nottingham.

Bains is accompanied by Césare Troisgros representing France, the fourth-generation continuing the legendary story of La Maison Troisgros which has held three Michelin stars since 1968 for an incredible 54 years and Representing USA is Dominique Crenn, the only female chef in the US with three Michelin stars.  The aim of the Why Waste? is to create engaging content to inspire people to adopt a more responsible behaviour to save food from being wasted by asking the question “why is this waste?”.

“I want to challenge people’s perception of waste,” says Bains. “We are a gastronomic community sharing ideas for the greater good.”

Each chef is given food items by Bottura that are perceived as waste to transform into something new to inspire people to look at leftover food differently. Each chef works with their local teams to produce a dish they then present back to Bottura. The challenges are presented in three videos hosted by in ingredient categories; Vegetable Trimmings, Over-Ripe Fruits, Stale Bread.  Bains is given two challenges, the first with vegetable trimmings he transforms into tutti frutti ice cream made with candied vegetables complete with cone and red syrup made from beetroot scraps.  “When looking at leftovers steer away from soups,” advises Bains.“Vegetables contain lots of natural sugars so why not make something surprising and fun.”

In his second challenge Bains is given stale bread that he blends into a paste, spreads and dries in the oven and fries to make crackers. He explains they can be useful as a vehicle for other leftover food made into pastes or dips.  The other videos show Crenn making a frozen peach “smoothie” from over-ripe fruit and a tomato millefeuille from stale bread. Troisgros produces a carrot salad from vegetable trimmings and an iced dessert from over-ripe fruit.

The format brings attention to the mission of Food for Soul and Refettorio projects around the world, where daily culinary teams divert food surplus from landfill, transforming the otherwise wasted ingredients into nourishing meals and hunger relief served with hospitality to those most socially vulnerable. Since the first Refettorio opening in 2015, Bottura has cultivated a cultural movement to save food from waste while addressing long-term food security and food system sustainability serving as a UNEP Goodwill Ambassador.

“Approximately 17% of food is wasted at the consumer-level while 10% of the world goes hungry.  In our kitchens, at home, we can make a significant difference, starting with simple habits that save food from waste. As chefs you see leftovers as ingredients that have the potential to be something special. The goal of this series is to inspire you and show you how to create amazing recipes for you and your family,” says Massimo Bottura.“We are proud to be playing our part to encourage the vital step towards a cultural shift in attitude towards food waste. Why do we decide that food has become waste before we’ve actually used it? We sincerely hope that these videos will inspire home chefs around the world with valuable information, techniques and delicious ideas on how to look at food differently – to never look at leftovers in the same way again.”  says Ryan King, Editor-in-Chief of

The three videos, hosted on are categorised into food groups: Vegetable Trimmings, Over-Ripe Fruits, Stale Bread and are also available with French, Italian and Spanish subtitles.


Simplified Recipes

Leftover Vegetable Peelings into Tutti Frutti Ice Cream by Chef Sat Bains
Take your leftover vegetable peelings (naturally sweet veg are best such as beetroot, parsnip, peppers, carrots, celery) and candy them by boiling them in equal weight of peelings, caster sugar and water. Once softened and sticky lay them on greaseproof paper and dry them in an oven at 60 degrees celsius until crispy. Cut and add to vanilla ice cream.
Tip: You can boil the beetroot peelings separately with equal parts sugar and water and make syrup to drizzle over.

Leftover Scallop Roe into Taramasalata by Chef Sat Bains

To a blender add 40g white bread and soak in 20g milk for 10 minutes.
Add 200g scallop roe, an egg and two peeled garlic cloves and blend until smooth.
Gradually add 100g of olive oil then 400g of sunflower oil. Add lemon juice and Tabasco to taste.
Tip: if you have a smoker you can smoke the roe for an hour before blending.