Sealift Arrives at Cardiff Marina


Cardiff Marina’s new Sealift arrived last night, it is capable of lifting boats up to 20 metres in length and weighing up to 50 tonnes, making it the biggest boat lifting facility in the Bristol Channel. This is part of an ongoing significant investment programme in The Marine Group’s facilities.


The Sealift was towed from Brixham and then craned over the Cardiff Bay Barrage into Cardiff Bay. The Sealift is now in position in Cardiff Marina on the River Ely in Cardiff Bay and will allow boats to be easily and quickly lifted out for maintenance work and repairs.

The Sealift is a self-contained floating dock that lifts and supports boats above the waterline to stand on their hulls/keels, without the need for lifting strops allowing for a faster and more efficient process.

The Sealift replaces the existing boat hoist at Cardiff Marina, and will allow their boatyard team to offer a range of competitively priced packages with quicker turnaround times for lifts and scrubs and complementary services such as hull inspections, surveys, cleaning, antifouling and changing anodes.


Director of Operations, Rob Freemantle, commented ‘The Sealift is a state of the art boat lifting facility and is a fantastic addition not only for our Boatyard facilities in Cardiff, but also for leisure and commercial boat owners throughout the Bristol Channel. This new equipment allows us to provide our customers with a quicker and easier service for boat lifting for general maintenance.’

Boatyard Manager, Dave Freemantle, commented ‘It is great to have a high capacity boat lift which can be operated so quickly. It will help us to provide additional services for our commercial customers and bigger boats.’

The system is environmentally friend with all wash off collected and processed through an on-board water treatment system.

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