Severn Estuary Forum 2016


A major conference about the Severn Estuary takes place on 22nd September, bringing together people from both sides of the Estuary.


The 2016 Severn Estuary Forum, held at Blackfriars Priory, Gloucester, will focus on Planning and Governance, Coastal Communities and the Historic Environment and the Upper Estuary. It has been organised by the Severn Estuary Partnership, which includes representatives from all local authorities in the area and other relevant organisations.


This is the annual event for all those interested in the Severn Estuary to get together. People from around the Estuary, from Gloucester to Minehead in England and Chepstow to Bridgend in Wales, will be there to share news and information. It is a great opportunity to experience and learn more about the Severn Estuary and is sure to spark interesting debate around climate change and energy development options for the Estuary.


The Planning and Governance session will feature keynote speaker, Sue Kidd from the University of Liverpool, on her experiences from cross-border marine planning in the North West, as well as talks from the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) on stakeholder engagement for the South West Marine Plan and the Devon and Severn IFCA on MPA Myth Busting in the Severn Estuary. Lucy Taylor from the Severn Estuary Partnership (SEP) will be providing an exciting update on the new 2016 Severn Estuary Strategy.


The Coastal Communities and Historic Environment session will delve into a variety of topics, from community involvement and updates from Litter Free Coast and Sea (Somerset), talks from the Coastal Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network (CITiZAN) and the Lydney Coastal Communities Team. The session will also include keynote speaker Professor Rob Duck, Chair of the Tay Estuary Forum, on the implications for some of Britain’s railways on the edge of the coastline as our climate changes and storminess potentially increases.


The final session, Upper Estuary, will feature talks by representatives from the Severn Rivers Trust and Gloucestershire Severn Estuary Stakeholders on a range of topics, including local monitoring and how to make the most of this valuable resource.


For a full list of speakers and more information on the event, visit the SEP Forum website.


Lucy Taylor, the Severn Estuary Partnership Officer said “we are really pleased with the programme for the 2016 Severn Estuary Forum which covers some really important topics for the Estuary including estuary and coastal planning, the historic environment and coastal communities”.


Feedback from previous Severn Estuary Forums includes:


‘I must congratulate the Severn Estuary Partnership for again presenting a thoroughly interesting conference day – a great way to keep informed of estuary issues, from both speakers and fellow delegates’ – Bristol 2015


‘Very well run and organised’ – Bristol 2015


‘Thanks for a great and informative day’ – Bristol 2015


‘Well done presenters & organisers, I especially found the topics I knew nothing about fascinating’ – Bristol 2015


‘Good balance of the topics’ – Bristol 2015


The day begins at 09:30 in Blackfriars Priory, Gloucester. Full details can be found on the Severn Estuary Partnership Website. To book tickets please visit the website or call/email the Severn Estuary Partnership Office on 02920 874713, [email protected],