Short film turns South Wales into post-apocalyptic world



A forthcoming scifi film is turning South Wales into a post-apocalyptic world. And producers are now offering fans the chance to get involved.

Annalium 8 is set in a world where all animal life has been wiped out. But a scientist in full bio-hazard kit and with a life-support machine in tow, discovers a young girl in a forest, apparently fit and well.

Created by Robert Lancey, a writer born and raised in Rhiwbina, Cardiff, the short film was shot in and around the Welsh capital last summer.

Now in post-production, the 10-minute short is expected to be completed in the summer, after the trailer  release.

The film’s crew, led by Rob and his fellow producer Andy Weltch of Cardiff-based consultancy Weltch Media, is launching a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for the postproduction stage, including editing, sound design, and a local screening.

They also plan to enter the film in festivals to reach audiences around the world. Because it has no dialogue, there’s potential for global appeal, and the script has been recognised in several competitions.

The crowdfunding campaign is inviting donations in exchange for a range of perks, including posters, signed scripts, on-screen credits, and downloads of the specially composed soundtrack, starting from £5.

“So far we’ve been able to fund the project ourselves,” said Rob. “But now we need help to get across the finish line and get the film out to the world.”

Directed by Andrew Griffin, Annalium 8 stars award-winning Francesca Louise White and introduces Minaii Baelfire, who has the distinction of being the first Black Elsa in a stage production of Frozen.

“We have a brilliantly talented cast and crew and now a top-class team putting the footage into shape,” said Rob. “We were always determined to create a high-quality product that we could all be proud of, and the trailer gives an indication of how good it will be”.

Information on the film and the rewards for helping with the funding can be found at:–2/