Shrek comes to Cardiff


Shrek The Musical

Opening Nights for any musicals are always special, so it was with a sense of excitement and anticipation that we took the children to see the opening night of Shrek The Musical at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay. It was the first time we’d taken them to see a musical at this venue so wasn’t sure what to expect regarding where our seats would be. Well we needn`t have worried as our seats were fantastic, in the elevated stalls virtually in the middle of the hall with a fabulous view of the stage.

Shrek himself opens the show standing next to an enormous story book, which he proceeds to open to signify his adventurous story unfolding. Pinocchio, the 3 Little Pigs, the Fairy Godmother and the Gingerbread Man to name but a few of the many amazing characters we meet during the show, are fed up with the way a certain Lord Farquaad treats them, so they ask Shrek for help. The loveable yet irritating Donkey then makes an appearance, and is every bit the annoying but charming character portrayed in the film version. Shrek is annoyed by donkey but his persuasive charm eventually pays off and Shrek takes him under his wing, and they both embark on a quest to rescue the beautiful Princess Fiona from a fire-breathing dragon.

Meanwhile the Princess Fiona, brilliantly played by Bronte Barbe, is locked away in a castle and is desperate to find her true love. She is incredibly funny, yet with a hint of vulnerability, as she pulls hilarious faces and portrays the desperate female with so much humour she had us laughing out loud several times. It would be remiss not to mention Lord Farquaad at this point. Oh my goodness what a character he is, obnoxious, rude, yet incredibly funny, especially the innuendos which appealed very much to the adults in the audience! And let’s just say he is vertically challenged!

Probably our children`s favourite scene was when Shrek and Princess Fiona have a burping and blowing raspberry competition to try to outdo each other, very silly but great fun for the youngsters.

There were so many hilarious scenes throughout the show, it really was a joy to watch, but the message I think I`ll take most from the evening is that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, we are all one! A brilliant show and fantastic message. We loved every minute.