SOCIAL ENTERPRISE LAUNCH FROZEN MEALS IN REACTION TO COVID-19 – ‘Doing Good Catering’ introduces home-delivery in Cardiff


With £1000s in lost catering jobs due to Coronavirus, Doing Good Catering’s Business Manager had to rethink the launch of their new social enterprise aimed at supporting vulnerable people to receive subsidised cooking lessons.

“Suddenly thousands of people in lock down were ordering unhealthy fast food items online and having to wait 3 weeks for supermarket deliveries,” said Emily Williams, Business Manager for the new venture.  “We deliver homemade-style dishes each Monday, all frozen, to give you a healthy, nutritious and tasty meal.”

Doing Good Catering is the brainchild of Emily and her partner Steen Kokborg, better known as Steen the Chef, sustainable caterer. They want to raise funds to support cooking classes that they run at Butetown Pavilion that teach young and vulnerable groups cooking skills to improve independence, health and general well-being.

£1 from the £3.95 delivery charge goes towards the cost of cooking lessons via its Community Growth Programme. Because of the lock-down, cookery lessons will resume at Butetown Pavilion once the current crisis is over. It is a great way to not only eat well, but support your local community at the same time.

“Oddly, now is the best time to launch this initiative as people really need healthy options with food delivery. I’ve been catering in a sustainable way, long before it got fashionable,” says Steen, “and cook using the healthiest and best ingredients available, much of which comes from my organic city garden – from Plot to Plate!”

Doing Good Catering currently has a range 13 delicious dishes available to buy with suggestions on how to serve them.  Check them out at