SPAR introduces SPARAOKE Saturdays


SPAR launches its biggest retail moment of 2024, as it announces its summer campaign ‘Make Me A Champion’ – with a twist. Introducing SPARaoke Saturdays; a chance for store customers to sing like a SPAR and win prizes like a champion.

From Saturday 22nd June 2024, and for four weeks across England and Wales, customers in your area have the chance to take part in SPARaoke Saturdays. Simply hear an iconic song in store, grab the mic, and be in with a chance to win your entire basket for FREE*, as well as the opportunity to win a month’s worth of groceries.**

With over 100 participating stores across England and Wales, the campaign is designed to ensure customers have fun in store and create a ‘Champion’ atmosphere. The competition provides light-hearted relief from the nail-biting stress of the football, Olympics, Paralympics and tennis that the nation will be glued to across the summer!

SPARaoke Saturdays couldn’t be simpler, head into your local SPAR convenience store*** from Saturday 22nd June until Saturday 13th July 2024, listen out for the iconics song via the in store radio, once you hear the song, head towards the checkouts, grab the mic and rock out. By singing along to the song for at least thirty seconds you will be in with a chance to win your entire basket for FREE!*

So whether you are stocking up on SPAR’s delicious burgers, chips, crisps, dips strawberries or cream – all of these sporting events favourite watching snacks could be yours FOR FREE!*

A spokesperson for SPAR said ‘We know that most champions belong on the world sporting stage, but we also know that champions secretly live within local communities. So, whilst you may not be getting a medal this summer, you can definitely feel the rush of being your local SPARaoke champion with SPAR!’.

Selected SPAR stores across England and Wales will be sporadically playing the iconic song on each Saturday for a month. When in store and you hear the song, run to the mic and take your moment to SPARaoke! Competition terms and conditions apply. For participating stores visit here: