Spectacular success was enjoyed by Cardiff Speakers Club and Cardiff Mixed Speakers Club


Spectacular success was enjoyed by Cardiff Speakers Club and Cardiff Mixed Speakers Club when the Association of Speakers Clubs held its three-event finals at their annual National Competitions in Lytham St Annes on 29th and 30th April. The ASC is an organisation which promotes public speaking and has helped thousands of people to improve their presentation skills and learn to enjoy speaking in public.

Nerys Jones of Cardiff Mixed Speakers Club won the National Topics Competition, in which contestants were required to talk for three minutes on a surprise subject given to them just as they approached the lectern. This year’s subject was ‘Modern Times’. Learning to think quickly on your feet and speak off the cuff to an impromptu topic is a challenging skill that all our members seek to develop.

Rob Parsons of Cardiff Speakers Club won the National Evaluation Competition. Contestants were required to listen to a speech, then after a short preparation time, deliver a speech themselves, in which they analysed the test speech, offering praise and constructive advice on how it could be improved. This competition is a test of both listening and speaking skills.

Rob also achieved second place in the National Speech Competition, in which contestants delivered a pre-prepared speech of between six and eight minutes on a subject of their choice. The title of Rob’s speech was “The Time of Our Lives”, in which he made some very thought-provoking points.

Rob has been a member of Cardiff Speakers Club for 12 years. He frequently speaks on behalf of the national charity, Care for the Family, and he is the author of the best-selling book “The Heart of Success”. Nerys had previously won the 2019 National Evaluation Competition and was runner up in the 2018 National Speech Competition, when her prepared speech compelled the audience to Save the Bees! She says, “What I love most about Public Speaking is that everyone has something they can tell others. We all learn from listening to the experiences and wisdom of others!”

The three competitions reflect the variety of skills which are promoted by the ASC. New members are encouraged to develop these skills by following a series of steps in accordance with “The Speakers Guide”, a publication of the ASC. Club members provide help and encouragement in ways that make our meetings constructive but also fun social events.

In order to compete at the National Competitions, contestants have to succeed at Club, Area, and Region level and just one contestant can enter from each of the six national Regions. Cardiff’s success is truly remarkable and builds on the success of a member of Newport Speakers Club, who last year, was placed first in the National Topics Competition (for which the subject was “Money can’t buy”) and second in the National Evaluation Competition.  The South Wales Area has therefore achieved either first or second place in five of the last six national competitions.

If you would like to develop or enhance your public speaking skills, the best way is to practice and where better than a friendly speakers club? Why not come along to one of the two Cardiff clubs (which meet on specified Monday and Thursday evenings) or to Newport Speakers Club (which meets on specified Wednesday evenings) If you are interested, then please contact Newport Speakers Club or Cardiff Speakers Club via their websites. Cardiff Mixed Speakers Club can be contacted by email or telephone on 0758 000 5684 and [email protected]

Members are at all levels. You will be made to feel very welcome.