St David’s Catholic College tackle Homelessness this Christmas


St David’s College gives back to the community this Christmas. 64 people have been given a place to go this Christmas, thanks to St David’s students

Staff and students at Cardiff-based St David’s Catholic Sixth Form College, have come together to raise over £1,800 for the homeless community in Cardiff.

With the money raised, St David’s has provided 64 people with a place to go this Christmas.

Just £28.18 buys someone three meals, a bed, a shower, a health check and treatment, expert mental health and addiction help, advice on housing and employment, and a way out of homelessness through education and training.

During their pastoral tutor sessions for the first two weeks of December, the students looked at homelessness across Cardiff; gathering statistics and researching reasons why people become homeless.

Figures for Cardiff have risen by just over 50% from 2016-17, and 74 people are now registered as sleeping rough, though it is likely that this number is higher in reality. The number of people who are homeless runs into the thousands as this includes those sofa surfing and living in temporary accommodation.

Students were introduced to the work of Crisis at Christmas and each tutor group was given the challenge of raising as much money as they could for the charity.

The art department also created a number of poignant installations across the College to raise awareness of the issue and to encourage staff and students to contribute to the cause.

Fundraising activities included bake sales, sports tournaments, Christmas quizzes, busking on the College piano, ‘guess the biscuit’ blindfold activity and most dramatically, one student allowed his tutor to shave his head.


Speaking of the activities, St David’s Principal, Mark Leighfield said: “We are proud to be raising money for Crisis this Christmas. St David’s is very much a community-oriented college. We are inspired by the values of the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus and we are committed to serving our community both locally and globally.

“It is appropriate especially at this time of year to extend a hand of friendship to our brothers and sisters who are in greater need than us and to help them materially in whatever way we can.  The generosity of our students and staff is a clear and strong indication of this faith in action.”

Our Pastoral Director in charge of the initiative said: “I am delighted how the students have been so receptive to Crisis at Christmas. They have been really creative in their fundraising activities across all tutor groups, raising an incredible amount in just one week! I am really proud of what the staff and students have achieved to ensure that homelessness is addressed.”

Founded in 1967, Crisis has helped tens of thousands of people out of homelessness and has been instrumental in the legislative changes required to help those in need.

Based in Penylan, St David’s Catholic Sixth Form College is the only Roman Catholic sixth form college operating in Wales currently, helping to nurture successful students through its supportive and stimulating learning environment.