Staying Healthy and Active at Any Age


Independent Age, the older people’s charity, is launching a brand new nationwide fundraising challenge – called 100in10 – which invites participants to cover a total of 100km in 10 weeks in any way they choose. All donations will go towards the charity’s work towards helping older people stay independent for as long as possible.

Participants can take part in the challenge either as an individual or a team, and will help raise funds to support older people to live more independently. Those who take part can walk, run, swim, cycle or be as creative as they like to reach the ‘100’ target in 10 weeks. For those who are less athletically inclined, they could even try baking 100 cookies in 10 weeks instead!

Johnny Ringwood, 81, is an ambassador for the challenge. He says, “I’ve been interested in fitness my whole life, but it’s never too late to start, as long as you pace yourself. When I first heard about the 100in10 challenge for Independent Age, I jumped at the idea of doing something to support other people my age. I’d encourage people to take part in 100in10 as a great way to help others.”

Independent Age is an older people’s charity that provides regular friendly contact, a strong campaigning voice and free, impartial advice on the issues that matter to older people: care and support, money and benefits, health and mobility.

Janet Morrison, Chief Executive of Independent Age, says, “We hope that people get behind our brand new 100in10 fundraising challenge and enjoy taking part. You can be so creative and do whatever you like to reach the target, so we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Every penny raised from this campaign will go towards our advice and friendship services and will help us speak up for those who are lonely, vulnerable or in need of help, so participants really will be making a big difference to the lives of older people.”

Participants can sign up now and the challenge runs from Saturday 13th May until the Autumn.

Sign up for the 100in10 challenge at

Here is some advice on staying active, healthy and positive at any age:

  1. Stay active – No matter what your age, even if you’re retired, it’s important to be active in order to keep well
  2. Get rid of creature comforts – The best advice I can give you is to chuck away the remote control and buy an uncomfortable chair. That way you’ll need to keep getting up and won’t be sitting still for too long
  3. Take it slowly – Don’t think you can achieve your fitness goals straight away. It takes time and work but you’ll get there in the end. Don’t try and work too hard, too soon: start slowly with things that aren’t too difficult
  4. Be sensible – Approach fitness sensibly. You need to have a long-term, sustainable approach and don’t aim for a quick fix. Remember, the benefits always outweigh the effort in the end
  5. Work at your level – Recognise your limitations and don’t push yourself too hard at first: you don’t want to give yourself injuries. Once you get more used to exercise, you can gradually increase what you’re doing
  6. Don’t be embarrassed – Remember, no-one is looking at you, they’re all just getting on with their own work-outs
  7. Look for inspiration – Look at other people who you aspire to be like and ask yourself how they got there. Look at older people who enjoy life: my motto is “it’s not old age, it’s gold age.”
  8. Help others – Whether it’s helping someone who’s struggling in the gym or helping someone you’ve never met by taking part in something like 100in10, you’ll get a lot more out of it if you know you’re doing good