Steve Backshall shares behind the scenes adventure stories in UK tour


Steve Backshall is on tour! The wildlife expert, travel adventurer, TV presenter and author will be appearing on stage in Cardiff at St David’s Hall on the 15 th November, with a fascinating show about his expeditions to the world’s wildest places with the most bizarre beasts on earth.



The tour will have something for everyone; interested youngsters will be transfixed by footage of Steve dangling beneath a helicopter into a crocodile’s nest, freediving with great white sharks and under Antarctic icebergs with leopard seals, or catching the world’s most venomous creatures by hand. An adult audience may be more captivated by the tales of first ascents of vast jungle mountains, the discovery of new species, genuine efforts in conservation or taking the first ever light into undiscovered cave systems. This tour accompanies the paperback release of the third of his Falcon Chronicles fiction novels, and the release of his adult non-fiction book ‘Mountain, My Life On The Rocks’.

Steve Backshall, is best known for his CBBC series Deadly 60 and throughout his career has come face to face with some of the world’s most remarkable predators. From the Arctic to the Antarctic, from the top of the world’s highest peaks, and from the depths of the rainforest to the bottom of the sea, there is very little Backshall hasn’t seen and will keep the audiences’ eyes and ears glued from start to finish.

The Falcon Chronicles series currently consists of three novels; Tiger Wars, Ghosts of the Forest and Wilds of the Wolf which are all aimed at young adults. The books follow the exciting quests of Saker and Sinter who attempt to right some of the wrongs perpetrated against wildlife around the planet. Facing adventure and danger, their challenging adventures take them on wild and nail biting journeys bringing them face to face with the world’s most fascinating, majestic and lethal creatures.

Following on from several sell-out theatre tours across the UK, Steve is hugely popular with young TV viewers who are both thrilled and terrified to observe his encounters with extraordinary and exciting predators.

“I am really looking forward to meeting wildlife enthusiasts from all ages! From eight years old to eighty, if you have an adventurous spirit then you will enjoy my many stories that I have to share with you!”