Support Ukraine: Free Ling App For Ukrainians & Free Ukrainian Language Course



Ling know that Ukraine has strong citizens determined to overcome all adversities. For that reason, as a language learning app, Ling want to add their “little grain of sand” for them to have an easier life and better possibilities in foreign countries.

Therefore, they have unlocked their app for Ukrainian-speaking people, with the firm hope of easing their situation, by providing the necessary resources to effectively learn a new language.

With Ling, users can increase language skills with interactive learning techniques rather than traditional lessons. The app allows the user to practice from beginner to fluent in the most engaging way, to grasp all the vocabulary needed for proper communication with native speakers abroad.

In addition, having fun with the mini-games while immersing in a new language can significantly help lower stress levels from the current situation.

There are more than 60 languages in the Ling App, including those that Ukrainian people will need the most such as Polish, Hungarian, and Slovakian.

How can you access this offer?

To access all languages in Ling App for free:

  • Download the app.
  • Login.
  • Set your native language to Ukrainian.
  • Then select the language you would like to learn. 
  • Download and begin your lessons.

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