BIC launches national creative writing competition  Imagine waking up one day to find that everything is a little bit different. You get dressed, clean your teeth, eat a banana and leave the house, but as you do you realise that Mum’s usual morning note isn’t there. There’s a familiar white scrap of paper, but it’s blank. Then the phone vibrates. It’s a message from your friend saying they’ve received a load of birthday cards but none have been written in….


Getting children across the UK and Ireland writing, with over £14,000 worth of prizes   Recognising the importance of handwriting in children’s development, BIC has unveiled the very first Handwriting Olympiad. Launched in partnership with Start-Bee, which helps children to write effortlessly and enjoyably, the competition aims to get primary school children writing simply by asking them to complete the sentence, “I love being able to write because…”.   Hosted on the Teachers’ Corner section of the recently developed BIC®…