Put on your best dress baby… and grab your ticket for the Cardiff leg of the Hungry Heart 2019 Tour! The hardcore Springsteen fans behind Hungry Heart will be back spinning Springsteen tracks at the awesome The Big Top on Saturday May 04 2019 as part of their 2019 Tour. The bumper to bumper Springsteen session is a joyful marathon run of Bruce’s epic back catalogue: niche versions, live tracks, big album hits…. if you want it, they’ve got it….


As we head ever closer to the Champions League Final in Cardiff, Camp Cardiff take the opportunity to bust some of the myths that have been flying around in the run up to the game and set the record straight once and for all… Myth 1 – Fans could stay in London and commute to the game Well, yes, you could.  But you’d spend 4 hours of your trip on an overcrowded train and may even struggle to return after…