1step2be, a new free-of-charge portal is changing the way of donating to charities by allowing individuals to have full control over where the money goes for their clothes, without spending a penny. 1step2be turns unwanted textiles into money and donates the money to a cause of their choice. Not only that, a courier comes to the donors, weighs the textiles and tells them instantly how much their unwanted clothes will make for their chosen cause. Around 75% of households admitted…


Chiming perfectly with the increasing noise about plastic waste, 24th – 30th September 2018 is Recycle Week, organised by WRAP UK. Now in its 15th year, the week is focused on encouraging everyone to recycle more, particularly around the home and with a timely emphasis this year on plastics. Customers welcome BYO campaign with open tubs … One pioneering local business has launched a new initiative that offers an easy way to get involved, and not just for Recycle Week….