Taming the Big Pharma Monster launches in London.


New book sparks patient-led revolution of practical and real change in pharma

The book addresses the pharmaceutical industry’s current meltdown. We constantly hear of eye-watering drug prices, shortages, litigation over damaging side effects, dodgy marketing practices, economic adulteration, consent decrees, counterfeiting, patent games, price gouging, and much, much more… How can this be right? The short answer is, it’s not.

London, United Kingdom, 3rd June 2019: Three weeks after the first Medicines for the 21st Century Conference, held in Cardiff Bay (8th May), a new book from Filament Publishing – Taming the Big Pharma Monster: By Speaking Truth to Power – was officially released at a networking event at the Institute of Directors. The event, on 28th May, marked the next phase of a “revolution of practical and real change” starting in Wales but with a global vision, to disrupt the current catastrophic situation facing everyone involved in the pharmaceuticals industry – from drug developers to the patients.

Author, Hedley Rees, director of PharmaFlow Ltd, says: “It was a pleasure to be able to ‘Speak the Truth’ on Big Pharma to such a broad array of book lovers and publishing industry professionals. There is already considerable interest from many of my connections with a thirst to make a difference in this industry, wishing to spread the word as ‘Friends of Medicines Modernization.’ Through the education in this book, and follow-on campaigning from our conference Medicines for the 21st Century: Safe, Better, Cheaper, my aim is to attract the attention of UK politicians and press for the necessary changes to medicines patent law.”


The book and conference are companions to a change initiative called Friends Of Medicines Modernization (FOMM) that involves educating users of medicines about the ins and outs of pharma. The output of the conference will be a white paper to go to the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee Clerk for circulation to their Committee Members in early June. There are also plans to create a not-for-profit called MEDS: Economical, Designed, Safe. The mission will be to provide information and support to patients and patient groups, so they can ask searching questions of whoever needs to act to reverse the decline in the medicines industry.