#TeamCRW Official Guinness World Record Attempt


On Sunday 7th July 2019, the Cancer Research Wales team will be running The Wales Marathon in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record – ‘the most runners linked to complete a marathon’.

The idea stemmed from Cancer Research Wales supporter Neal Gardner, who initially broke the record 10 years ago, when he and 29 other runners completed the London Marathon. He now aims to re-break the record whilst raising funds and awareness for Cancer Research Wales. However, the bar has been raised…

The new record stands at 112 runners, which is held by a team in Canada. The team are therefore looking to beat this amazing record, with 120 runners (or more) completing The Wales Marathon, held in Tenby, Pembrokeshire.

Each member of the team will have a rope bungee (or similar) tied around their waist, linking them to their team-mates. Each runner who starts the race, must complete the race (26 miles 385 yards), and the link cannot be broken at any time.

Should you wish to read more on this exciting challenge, please go to :  https://www.cancerresearchwales.co.uk/crw_events/walesmarathon/