Religious historical drama The Chosen screening in Cardiff cinemas 2nd – 3rd February


Fans of cult TV show The Chosen are being invited to the cinema to see the climax of the latest series.   The religious historical drama series is directed and co-written by filmmaker Dallas Jenkins.

The Chosen, is based on the life of Jesus played by Jonathan Roumie and his followers.  The show has become something of a cult classic, with the whole series being funded through crowdfunding.

Last November, audiences saw the cult series in 200 cinemas  around the UK.  Currently season 3 is being released on The Chosen app.  The latest episode (number 6) was released on the 15th January 2023.

The season finale (episodes 7 and 8) are screening at cinemas in Cardiff during 2nd – 3rd February.

Use the following link to book tickets.