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Wales, 7th March 2017: Wales is to have some of the most advanced cancer treatments in the UK when The Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales opens its doors, Mike Moran, chief executive officer of Proton Partners International, told BioWales today.


Proton Partners International Ltd, the company building a series of oncology centres known as The Rutherford Cancer Centres, will complete the building of its first centre within weeks.

The Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales will initially offer radiotherapy, chemotherapy and imaging.

The company is currently building two more UK centres, in Northumberland and Berkshire, and other sites are also under consideration. All centres will eventually offer proton beam therapy.

Mike Moran said: “We are at the final stages of finishing the build of our first oncology centre in the UK which will offer patients access to the latest technology in radiotherapy, chemotherapy and imaging. High energy proton beam therapy will follow next year, and The Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales will be the first place in the country to offer this kind of treatment.

“With cancer on the rise, there is a growing need for patients to be offered a holistic and sophisticated cancer service and therefore patients at The Rutherford Cancer Centres will have access to a wide range of cancer therapies and a treatment plan will be implemented on an individual basis.

“We are working with the world’s leading technology partners to ensure that our centres are equipped with the latest cancer technology.

“Proton Partners International is committed to transforming cancer care in the UK and will offer an innovative and world-class service to achieve greater patient outcomes and ensure operational and clinical excellence at our centres.”

The Rutherford Cancer Centre South Wales will use a range of treatment to plan and deliver cancer therapies, including a computerised tomography (CT) scanner for radiotherapy planning and a linear (LINAC) accelerator for treatment delivery.

Treatment at The Rutherford Cancer Centres will be available to medically-insured private patients, self-paying patients and patients referred by the NHS.


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