The Stevens Girls


Hello, my wonderful readers I would just like to apologise for the lack of blogs, I am full up with Uni work at the moment and it seems to be never ending, so if any readers are experiencing the same – I feel your pain!

I would like to dedicate my next blog to my 3 wonderful sisters as last Friday it was ‘National Sibling Day’ and with them being my blood and all, I think they deserve a mention or two.  All of us are unique in different ways, Emma is big and beautiful with the care for anyone in the world, Sam is a bit of a control freak- but no matter what she will always have our backs, and Katie… well what can I say – she’s a bit ditsy (there’s always one) but she does make a fab cook! Then finally there’s me (Yes I’m nearly 21 and still seen as the baby). I still get called my nickname ‘Podes’ after my childhood song ‘Jodie Podie Pudding and Pie’ – I liked A LOT of chocolate back in the day. It is quite funny how different we look actually, as Emma and Sam follow my mum and are pale and blonde, then Katie and I follow my dad with the privilege of sitting in the sun for 10 minutes and getting tan lines (always love that competition in summer), but we all have one thing in common- Our Big Fat Cheezy Smiles. 🙂

Emma (lives near Reading) whose just turned 30 has had a crazy past year and after getting married early 2012 –exactly one year on her husband filed for an unexplained divorce (he is certainly no longer in my good books let me tell you that!). With sister no 2 popping out my unexpected nephew in summer 2012 (who we wouldn’t change for the world) she finally got round to tying the knot last august after being engaged for 8 years…. YES 8 YEARS, and aged 28 she’s been with her childhood sweet heart since the age of 14…. N’awwww. But we’re all over the moon because baby number 2 is on the way. After being a family of all girls the look on my dad’s face was priceless when he held our little Edward in his arms for the first time, but with my sister refusing to find out what the next baby is going to be – we would love to spoil a little girl…after all we’ve got generations of hand me downs 😉 Plus I am the top baby sitter! Living at home and commuting to University, sister no3 (Katie) decided to move home (with her boyfriend) after completing her university course at UWE…. but my goodness was that a mistake at first! We argued like crazy because we’re the same shoe size, clothes size and everything she did was irritating… but finally accepting each others company we get on better than ever now!

My main priority at this point in time is to give my big sister all the love and attention she needs because after her messy year she has agreed to begin her new HAPPIER life back where she grew up. After heading to England aged 18 for university, she only came back on special occasions, so I am more excited than anyone to have her back for good! I am so proud of how she has coped with everything these past 12 months and she sure is one heck of a role model!

So yeh, I love them 🙂 and we will ALWAYS be “The Stevens Girls.”

Jodie 🙂