The Transformation Of Our Decades


Our world is constantly changing, whether it is to do with fashion trends or the design of houses, I put this transformation purely down to one thing- technology.

Children then:                                                            Children now:

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My parent’s lives at the age of 10 are non-existent to 10 year olds today. Lemonade stands, building tree houses and playing out on the streets seem to be blasts from the past because in contemporary society, children are become less sociable by the day. Statistics show that in 1995 15million people searched the web, whereas today over 2,930million use the Internet. It is as though we are beginning to become depending on it, especially because online shopping is a lot more convenient.


Dubai then:                                                                 Dubai now:

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These photos emphasise just how much technology has led to the renovation of countries. Technology has led to Dubai being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, which influences tourist to spend even more money here. This transformation is sensational, especially due to palm shaped man made island that is the home of outstanding houses and holiday homes to some of the richest people in the world.


Houses then:                                                                   Houses now:

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Comfortable cottages and slightly cluttered house are something of the past- curved walls; glass panels and voice recognition technology are something of the future. The word modern is forever changing and whilst my grandparents were all for pink carpets in their bathroom, nowadays it’s all about light and airy tiling that seems untouchable. One of the better parts of technology is how capable it is to be different due to the resources available yet they can be very pricy.


Mobiles then:                                      Mobiles now:

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Mobile phones were once used for a phone call, currently they are used for searching the web, buying items on the go and contacting others without phone calling. Some mobiles are so high tech they photograph better than I find it quite interested and exciting to see what the future may bring. At one point in society it was the norm to have the smallest mobile as possible, yet the larger the mobile the more sophisticated you look in present time.


Books then:                                                                Books now:

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This is one of my favourite parts of technology, the fact you don’t have to lug books around wherever you go but instead can have it in one place. The great feature of kindles is that it does not reflect sunlight in the screen unlike all other tablets and at just £109 its worth the weight. Yet I heart the vintage smell of the pages so a few books around my bedroom makes it feel cosy.

99’s then: 99p                                                           99’s now: £1.29

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 Ten years ago when you’d ask for a 99 ice cream, you’d pay £1.00 and in return receive 1p change, a whippy ice cream in a cone complimented by a chocolate flake. The difference in this price is a minor example to indicate how valuable money is and how the expense of products has increased each year- yet this perpetuated by tax.

It just goes to show how every day life is slowly changing to evidently make a drastic change when you compare the difference over many years both in positive and negative ways.


Jodie 🙂