The Ultimate Christmas Gift for Creative Foodies


The Hansells unique easy-to-use yoghurt making machine creates home-made wholesome yoghurts that are full of flavour and deliciously creamy, the perfect Christmas gift for the creative or ‘foodie’ one in the family. Not only is it easier than lugging tubs of yoghurt from the supermarket, it’s fresher and contains more active live cultures, great for helping the digestive system break down food and getting over the Christmas ‘food coma’.

The Hansells Yoghurt Maker Starter Kit contains mixing tubs and six sachets of yoghurt for £15.00. Each sachet produces a whopping 1kg of yoghurt and extra sachets are available from £1.85 at

Hansells’ yoghurts come in either classic or Greek style yoghurt, regular or ‘lite’ low-fat version, and include honey, strawberry and vanilla. All are delicious eaten alone or can be effortlessly mixed up with any ingredient imaginable from chia seeds to granola. Unique topping combinations such as sweet potato, maple syrup and walnuts or banana, cinnamon and peanuts can also be experimented with – the possibilities really are endless!

 Hansells Yoghurt Makers only need water, with the yoghurts lasting for up to two weeks in the fridge and taking just 8 hours to set, which is where the body-loving live cultures come to life. Whether eaten for breakfast or dolloped on top of party canapes, the uses are endless.

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