The Women’s Equality Party introduces its Welsh Assembly candidates


The Women’s Equality Party (WE) has announced four candidates for the Welsh Assembly elections in May. They will be campaigning on the regional list for South Wales Central to put women’s equality at the top of the political agenda.

Sharon Lovell, Emma Rose, Sarah Rees and Ruth Williams are standing to make sure Welsh women are at the centre of this year’s election. “Things are going backwards in Wales. We now have fewer women Assembly Members, fewer women in the Cabinet and fewer women Council Leaders than we did ten years ago,” says Lovell.

“I want to make Wales a world-leader on equality because it is the right thing to do, but also because it is the smart thing to do,” says Rose. “Domestic violence is a stain on our society, and it costs Wales more than £300 million annually.

“Women cannot afford to pay this price any longer, and neither can our economy.”

The Women’s Equality Party will be campaigning for equal pay, equal representation, equal parenting, an end to violence against women, an equal education and equality in the media.

“There was a 60% turnout in Wales to select our candidates, higher than anywhere else in the country,” says Rees. “People are tired of waiting. They want Wales to become the first gender equal country in the world and they believe it can be.”