This ones for you FRESHERS


I hope you all got stocked up with new goodies from the student lock in… Oh! And don’t worry about your new bank balance— that’s what your student loan is for (obviously). I picked up a few bargains but oh my daze it was like one of those American jumble sales you see on television. I suppose it makes it that’s bit more exciting- running around like lunatic trying to pick up as much as you can.

In general life, here is a word of advice though to you FRESHERS- Get involved with societies!!! You will meet some of your best friends through them, they’re great fun and the socials are the Boy! I refused to miss a Wednesday last year when I played netball, because I actually felt like I was missing out—even though every Thursday I spent the whole day cringing.

Uni will be the best time of your life, so make the most of it!!! Like Charlie and Hayley have said they have now been hit with the realisation that drinking on a weeknight is a school boy error.

But remember…

It’s OK  – Embrace the fact that your parents aren’t constantly around nagging every left right and centre.

It’s OK  – try Tesco Value food and drink (its not actually that bad).

It’s OK  – to make an absolute fool out of yourself in all club photos- it’ll be great to look back on in ten years time.


Right I will love you and leave you, but don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page for upcoming competitions that you can’t miss out on:

Be back soon!

Jodie x