Time and Beef review by Bethanie Dwyer


With the January detox now a distant memory, kick start your carb habit and indulge on a custom made burger at Cardiff’s hottest new burger bar, Time and Beef.

The 3rd March, you may recall, was dark, Arctic-like night, where if a snowstorm had engulfed Cardiff, no one would have batted an eyelid.

Like a mirage, a glowing sanctuary on the streets of Canton, Time and Beef called upon the hungry, cold and fine-burger deprived for the launch of the au courant, chic eatery. Beckoned by the sound of funky DJ vibes, owners and staff alike gave a warm welcome into what can only be described as a burger haven. Drifting through a sea of smiling faces, a plentitude of spacious wooden benches – savvily recycled stools from a Bridgend school – cushioned a legion of excited customers sipping on a river of bubbly.

A far cry from the traditional and some may say clichéd, 50’s burger bar, Time and Beef boasts a gritty, raw, simply stylish façade. A venue that would look just at home in New York’s Williamsburg, as it does nestled into Canton’s 169 Cowbridge Road East.

Evoking a sense of graphic grandiose, the fun Time and Beef branding transcends from the wall space into fine print of the show stopping menu. An A3 collection of wondrously fresh cuisine is partnered by the pioneering ‘create your own burger’ card that is sure to become the stuff of legend amongst Cardiff’s food elite.

For those of you who wish to have the power in your own hands: Time and Beef allows you to choose every aspect of your prized burger. They say do not play with your food, but who said there was any harm having fun creating it?

From four styles of fresh buns; a selection of meats, fish or vegetarian burger; delectable cheeses; an appetizing anthology of toppings; a sauce selection that rivals your local supermarket and to finish off your masterpiece, a choice of mouth watering sides. Note: the garlic and herb butter tossed fries will have you floating around on a burger shaped cloud nine and never will you look at the humble chip in the same light.

Brand your burger with a signature name: remember the more creative, the better!

The main menu, like the personalised patty, is contrived of locally sourced produce and the freshest ingredients. From the starter options, get your two cents worth with the visionary fried mac and cheese: a perfect light bite for one or a quintessential sharing plate for two (or more!)

Perhaps you are used to sipping on an ice-laden Coca Cola, between bites of your burger, or maybe a thirst quenching beer is your approved tipple. Time and Beef, however, sets to update your burger taste buds with an eclectic mix of unrivalled cocktails. Martini Sours fancifully cleanses your palette and masterfully crafted Mojitos transport you to palm tree dotted destinations, far warmer than the Welsh capital.

Warm in atmosphere, hearty in food: T&B is the must-visit new restaurant around the Cardiff area. For those of you desiring moorish dishes, excellent service and a change to the usual- It is time for a little beef!