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I have been asked by a few people about Gel nails and the difference between Acrylic nails…. so I have attempted to give my views and experience on the subject.

Our hands, and fingernails are often used as a barometer of our status and how much we look after ourselves. Some nails are covered in dirt from the garden, some have chipped varnish, and some are so long and bright they make me wince! Generally try to make the best of your hands whether it’s with varnish or without. Keeping your nails trim, clean and neutral may take as much effort as a luxury manicure devotee.

Little moments of joy

Gel and acrylic nails were invented to fill a gap in the market – strong, chip free and shiny nails could be for everyone. Years ago, there were no nail bars on the high street and a manicure was a luxury for those who could afford it. But times change as well as prices and availability too.

Acrylic nails are liquid and powder nails which extend your natural nail to look much longer and less likely to chip. They are really durable due to the components they use but can do a fair amount of damage to your natural nails. Acrylic wearers tend to keep having them re-done so the upkeep can be harder work but many devotees swear by them.


Gel nails are used either to extend the natural nail (hard Gel) or to varnish the natural nail (Soft Gel). They are ‘cured’ using LED or UVA light to harden them for up to 14 days.  There are lots of different makes of Gel products and even kits you can try at home. The names which salons use merely refers to the brand they stock and prices vary accordingly. At its best, you get a high gloss, hard wearing set of sparkly nails. You will need to visit your manicurist fortnightly and I would advise people to have a ‘Gel Holiday’ to give your nails a break. Many people find their nails are stronger and grow better with Gel Varnish applied to them. This is mostly true when people take a little more care (wearing washing up gloves ladies) and have applied good cuticle and hand products to nourish and moisturise their nails.


So, overall have a look at both, only use a professional and insured manicurist and see how your new nails make you feel!

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