Top 10 at Xmas!


‘it’sssssss Christmas, Santa Claus is coming to town, Jingle Bells Jingle Bells, Last Christmas I gave you my heart….’

Christmas music is what everybody needs to get into the festive season, so I’ve compiled of the top 10 albums to get you into the xmas spirit.

Christmas With Weezer

Add a little pop-punk to your Christmas with the six track album filled with traditional Christmas songs. The boys have managed to stay true to their classic style of music whilst even keeping the melodies and lyrics of these Christmas treasures! Weezer brings you the spirit of the holidays in sleigh-loads with boosted tempos and stand out guitar riffs to have you tapping your knives and forks in rhythm waiting for the delicious dinner.

Cee Lo Green – Magic Moment

Perhaps finger clicking tunes is what you’re looking for this Christmas, well no fear, we have it right here with Cee Lo Green’s festive album Magic Moment. Little less traditional lyrics and a little more bells and clapping. “This is what Christmas means,” has a lot more than just R&B with its added Christmas-y instruments and even lyrics. “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,” ring any bells? It’s a song that either raises your festivity or it’s something you’d rather bury under the snow, but Cee Lo Green’s given us an updated version “White Christmas,” that’s refreshingly different. Get this album playing on in the kitchen whilst the dinners cooking- it’ll ease the stress of your husband not helping with this years preparations.

Kelly Clarkson- Wrapped in Red

With a voice so wonderful, it’s a surprise that Kelly Clarkson hasn’t produced a Christmas album before- but it’s just changed this year! Released on the 29th of October, 2013, Kelly Clarkson has brought the beautifully mixed Wrapped in Red. It features some of the classics such as “Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas,” and “Run Run Rudolph,” it’s also got some of Clarkson treasures such as title track “Wrapped in Red,” and “Underneath the tree.” Bursting with festivity and creativity, there is a hint of a rock and roll Christmas within her songs, guaranteed to have you moving throughout the days.

Bad Religion- Christmas Songs

Surviving the first punk revolution, Bad Religion has given something new a try- their first holiday album. Frequently playing Christmas songs at their shows, no one could predict a nine track album including “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” and “White Christmas,” would follow. Keeping the traditional Christmas festivity, the album offers all kinds of holiday cheer, but with the added kick of a little punk. They’ve threatened to record an album of seasonal classics for years and here it is all ready and wrapped up in bows to purchase. With this new and exciting album will have your toes tapping around the Christmas tree. Cover the band in some tinsel and hanging balls and here you have it- a punk rocking Christmas!

Mary J. Blige- A Mary Christmas

Another first here but this time it is award-winning singer and songwriter Mary J. Blige with her first holiday album, A Mary Christmas. Combining R&B with soul, the talented singer has given the world a 12 track album that’s so cleverly thought out and beautifully produced with tracks such as “This Christmas,” and “Little Drummer Boy.” Working with producer David Foster who’s helped with the production of some of the bestselling Christmas albums by Michael Buble and Rod Stewart, Mary J. Blige has brought a few other big names into this album such as Barbra Streisand, Marc Anthony and Jessie J whose all been featured within the 12 tracks.

Home For Christmas- N Sync

A blast from the past with the 1998 Christmas album by the lovable quintet, N Sync. Including the standard Christmas carols “The First Noel,” and “The Christmas Song,” the 14 track album has got stockings full of Christmas cheer- the holidays aren’t quite as festive without a good boy band blasting through the speakers.  They’ve even got a cappella version of “O Holy Night,” that’s a favored track amongst the 14 overly cute and distinctively 90’s. All-in-all, Home for Christmas is highly addictive and you’ll be bobbing along to the music in no time.

Now That’s What I Call Christmas- Now Music

It’s in the title. Now Music are wizards when it comes to combining the best tracks and creating an album that can be described as both marvelous and ultimately cheesy. Featuring tracks such as “My Only Wish (This Year),” by Brittany Spears and “Special Gift,” by The Isley Brothers, it’s got some of the biggest Christmas singles to date such as “Winter Wonderland,” by Tony Bennett, “White Christmas,” by Bing Crosby and of course “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” by the united pop and rock artists Band Aid. No matter what your style is- this will be handing out festivity to all the family.

A Very Special Christmas – Various Artists

The successful 1987 album “A Very Special Christmas,” has all kinds of goodies in its stocking. Having some of the most well-known names such as Bon Jovi, Sting, Madonna and The Eurythmics, this album has everything to offer for this season. This album is a mixture of genres, appealing to every sort of musical preference and all round fun for the family to sing along to.

Christmas- Michael Buble

Lovable and exciting Canadian Michael Buble brought his fans a very special gift in 2011 with his self-explanatory album Christmas. Buble doesn’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice throughout the year; he’s still giving you the chance to have the beautifully mastered album in your hands.  Containing the usual songs, Michael Buble has no problem changing up some of the original melodies to match his talented voice.

Susan Boyle – Home For Christmas

Rising from Britain’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle has delivered a sensational 2013 Christmas album. Mixed up of Christmas classics such as “Little Drummer Boy,” and “The Lords Prayer,” there is also an original song “Miracle Hymn.” Not to mention that the king of rock, Elvis Presley, has made an appearance, making Susan Boyle the first British artist to have a post-obit collaboration. Gaining high praise from reviewers, Susan Boyle has once again shown off her powerful and breathtakingly amazing voice this Christmas.

Happy Listening!