Top Ten Marketing Tips from Sarah-Jane Therapies


Many people re train to become a Complementary Therapist, from Massage to Aromatherapy. Being good at our new found role, doesn’t make us particularly good at selling ourselves or our services. Clients will need to know you exist in the first place, and this is where marketing comes in handy. Here is a list of promotional activities to consider.

1. Make use of ‘social networking’ sites, these are free and can get you noticed. You can post articles/blogs, show promotional videos, send bulletins and more. These sites are all free and easy to use. LinkedIn

  • Facebook Pages
  •  YouTube
  • Twitter

2. Make use of free and low cost internet listing sites:

  • – Listings are free
  • – free listing in their directory
  • – free and low-cost listings If you belong to a professional organisation for your therapy, they will probably have directory that you can be added too.

3. If you can write then how about the odd free article in a magazine? There are so many print and online magazines that promote treatments and they all need a constant stream of articles.

4. A free talk/presentation will also get you noticed, and gives you an audience to hand out your literature to. Check out your Local Community Centre.

5. Press releases! These are small bits of writing in a local paper that look like a story but is actually written by a business to promote themselves. Easy to write, but there are some guidelines, check out:

6. Promotional literature – make sure these (leaflets, flyers, business cards etc) are professional and look the same as each other, reflect your personality and your on line presence.

7. Networking. Get out there to events that will be full of the kinds of people you wish to have as clients or businesses that may help you access clients.

8. Be organised and plan ahead! Keep a calendar of future marketing activities so you are always ahead of the game. A good diary, calendar and/or year planner for your wall are essential.

9. Take advantage of common holidays etc. Go on line to get a list of annual days that you can use for promotions.

10. A website is a really good idea these days; most people prefer to ‘check you out’ online before committing to contacting you directly.


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