Transform your old conservatory into a new extension


With the cold and wet weather continuing into the new year, thoughts inevitably turn to your home and ensuring all rooms are warm, comfortable and used to their full potential.

However if you’re not making the most of your conservatory due to high temperatures during the summer and a colder area in winter then it may be time to consider replacing the old roof with a new energy efficient and weatherproof alternative.

A replacement roof will give your glazed extension a new lease of life and offer beneficial features such as reduced rain noise and glare, at a fraction of the cost of replacing your entire conservatory. When Mr and Mrs Smith discovered that they weren’t making the most of their additional space they decided to embark on a replacement roof project. Having previously used the services of the Leekes installation team over 14 years ago, Mrs Smith explained:

“We initially contracted Leekes to fit new double glazing to our bungalow some 15 years ago and being happy with the quality and standard of the work thereafter we decided to also contract Leekes to supply and build a new conservatory. This was carried out to our complete satisfaction 14 years ago.’’

The experienced and knowledgeable team at Leekes provided the ideal solution to convert their rarely used conservatory with a new roof.

“The conservatory build was as good as the day it was fitted but before making a decision about how we wanted to progress we initially asked Leekes to provide advice regarding resolving the ceiling problem. After receiving various options to consider including a glass roof we opted for the new UltraRoof380 system which gives the roof a tile effect finish.’’

The UltraRoof380 that was fitted is one of Leekes’ newest and most exciting products, which combines a vaulted plastered ceiling on the inside along with down lights in the roof pelmet, and an authentic but lightweight tile effect on the exterior.

There is also the option to add Velux windows to create more light. The new roof has been a welcome decision by Mr and Mrs Smith and just over a month after the UltraRoof380 was fitted they agree it has transformed their enjoyment of this newly revitalised room. Mrs Smith remarked,

“The difference is incredible with reduced rain noise, much better insulation and with the options of various inset lighting systems the room has completely changed for the better. Although still a conservatory in principle, the room feels more like another room and we have used it more over the last month than we had during the previous six months.’’

And about the recent service from Leekes, Mr and Mrs Smith said it was as they expected and had experienced throughout their window and conservatory purchase over 14 years ago.

“The fitters were understanding, helpful, friendly and extremely caring about our needs and the quality of work is outstanding. We would strongly recommend Leekes for ALL window and conservatory works and suggest anyone looking at a new conservatory to think hard about the roof type as the new system is nothing short of fantastic in terms of appearance and practical use.’’

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