Transporter at the Sherman Theatre: A Review by Melissa Compton.


Transporter written and performed by Catherine Dyson was presented to an intimate audience at Sherman Theatre Cardiff. It was the simple but effective set up that ensured that Transporter was an intimate and intense experience, situated in The Studio with its black walls and curtains matched by a dark colored floor and only a desk with a computer tablet, some paper and a glass of water on it, which filled you with intrigued before a serene Catherine Dyson took to the floor to begin her excellent performance. A calm but serious atmosphere was promoted by the sound effects which Catherine Dyson produced from the computer tablet and a handheld control.

Opening with a series of basic questions directed at the audience who quietly listened, with Catherine’s character ‘Maya’ reasserting “I am Fine”. Interaction with the audience is maintained throughout and increases the emotional effects of Catherine’s performance, making it more personal.

Transporter is a representation of 13-year-old Maya, as she tells stories from her life, moving around from one place to another for a variety of reasons. The themes covered are child trafficking, unscrupulous landlords and riots to name a few. Transporter takes us on a journey that most can only relate to through stories on the news as we experience life through Maya’s eyes including how it affects her and her mother Debbie (who is referred to frequently).

Catherine Dyson plays Maya recounting random memories of her young life with such an intense emotional performance it produced a moving experience for the audience.

This is a brilliant piece of theatre art, with Catherine Dyson exploring some of societies largest and uncomfortable issues in a unique and heartfelt performance.