Turtle Bay Review


With buckets full of rum, and spices to tickle your fancy (and throat!), Turtle Bay is your go-to restaurant this summer. It is atmospheric, belting out Jamaican jingles and reggae, with a shack-like aesthetic; a popular choice for either a cocktail and a bite to eat, or simply a meal with friends. Seas every opportunity with this Caribbean cuisine…


Watermelon Crush (left)

 Not artificial in the slightest – tastes fresh out of a melon, and is one of the most refreshing drinks you could possibly encounter. A watermelon winner!!

Berry Smoothie (right)

A good smoothie, though a little too milky. Would have been better with a fruitier twist. Order this if you would prefer a milkshake; it does the job.



Perfectly sour, with a salt rim and a bitter undertone.

Raspberry Reggae

Replaced rum with tequila (this can be done without a hassle by the barmen and women who conjure up these tasteful cocktails from scratch.


Garlic & Chilli Pit Prawns

Very tasty, just a shame there was so little meat and so much shell (of which was empty)… The flatbread held an acquired taste.

Coconut Prawns

Portion happened to be a little too small, could be considered more of a ‘light bite’ than a starter as such. No coconut flavouring, which is odd considering its name. Flavours are overtaken by quite overpowering spices. Still tasty nonetheless.

Main Course

Sirloin Steak with Garlic & Herb Butter and Sweet Potato fries

Oozing with flavour, this juicy steak is one to savour. The addition of the garlic and herb butter works wonders and makes for a very moreish dish. Possibly the best Sweet Potato fries in Cardiff – an option that must be tried alongside a drink, or to nibble on during future visits.


Spiced Rum & Chocolate Pot

The kick of rum complements this chocolate delight nicely. Still can’t decide whether you fancy another cocktail for afters? This dessert is for you, and will satisfy both of your cravings!

Dark Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Generous in giving not one, but TWO brownies. This is a rare sight in a restaurant. Rich in flavour, these chocolatey delights are sprinkled with cocoa dust, and prove to be a winner on the new dessert menu!

Written by Georgina Aindow