University Fraud


Vodafone would like to highlight that an increasing number of University students are being duped by mobile phone fraudsters using financial incentives, into handing over their personal data so that multiple phone contracts can be taken out in their name. This ongoing scam is losing students thousands of pounds, affecting their long-term credit rating and risking them a criminal record.

On average, each claim is around £5k and 6 contracts are being taken out against each student’s details – this can mean that the average debt students are left with is around £30k.

While students understand that they are entering into something illegitimate, they don’t foresee the long-term debt that they will be responsible for. With final year students at The University of South Wales and Cardiff set to take their final exams next month, the importance of a good credit rating is paramount, should they wish to relocate and secure a job away from home.

Vodafone wants to raise awareness of this scam within the surrounding area so that both students and parents are aware of mobile phone fraud. We can put you in touch with our security expert, Linda Porter, to discuss the scam in more detail, should you require further information.