Volunteers from across the UK, from the Save Soil movement, to embark on 900 miles of cycling, all to raise awareness of the worsening soil crisis, both globally and nationally


Save Soil is a global ecological movement to educate the public about the vital role that soil plays in the planet’s sustainable future, and push for meaningful policy change across the world. The movement is backed by:

– World Food Programme

– United Nations

– World Economic Forum

– Political and cultural leaders, including the Dalai Lama

Starting in Edinburgh and making its way through the capital cities of Belfast, Dublin and Cardiff, the UK-Ireland leg of Cycle for Soil
will ride down the days until World Soil Day on December 5th, where there will be a culmination event outside Parliament in London. The journey will continue across Europe next year.

The route will proceed as follows:

  • Edinburgh to Belfast (19th Nov – 23rd Nov)

  • Belfast to Dublin (23rd Nov – 25th Nov)

  • Dublin to Birmingham (25th Nov – 29th Nov)

  • Birmingham to Cardiff: (29th Nov – 1st Dec)

  • Cardiff to London (2nd Dec – 5th Dec)

The end date, December 5th, is particularly special as that is World Soil Day. This presents a rare chance to shine a  light on this crucial issue and raise awareness across the UK, Europe and the world, and to learn how severe the crisis is, and what we must do to fix it.

The primary recommendation of the Save Soil movement is for governments across the world to legislate policies that will mandate a minimum of 3-6% organic content in all agricultural soil in their country. Not a protest movement or agitation, Save Soil aims to support governments to
implement these policies.

Save Soil, with inputs from eminent soil scientists, has created Soil Policy Handbooks for 193 nations that serve as the basis for various policy options for their respective regions, based on their soil type, latitude, climatic zones and other factors. We are in direct contact with
governments and scientific experts to accelerate policy changes for soil health.

Cycle for Soil follows Save Soil founder Sadhguru’s incredible 30,000km motorcycle journey across 27 countries from March – June 2022.

On his journey, Sadhguru has met policy makers, experts, influencers and hundreds of thousands of supporters to raise awareness about soil extinction and inspire long-term policy changes for soil health.


The journey will also include participation from 17
year old Oscar Smith:
“I have always been passionate and felt a lot of
responsibility for our planet and the damage we
are doing to it. As well as being able to
experience the countryside and towns of the UK I
want to do something for this Save Soil
movement and our planet so that we can reverse
the damage we have done and turn a new and
better page.

I have just recently left Portree High School on
the Isle of Skye, which is the only high school on
the whole island. I had just completed my A Level
qualifications and I left in August. I am now
working in a local pub.

I live in the north west end of Skye, I live in a
small street of houses called Stein, which is in the
larger but very sparse and isolated village of
Waternish, which is 20 minutes away from the
main town on Skye called Portree. I have lived on
Skye my whole life, and I used to live in Borreraig,
in Glendale which is across the Loch from where I
live in Stein now! I love it on Skye, I love the
nature, the peacefulness, but I would love to see
more people!” – Oscar

Oscar  will be completing the cycle ride (all 900+ miles) in its entirety.



The campaign will include 10 core riders (going from at least 1 capital city to another, at least 150 miles) with a growing number of other ‘support riders’ joining for shorter distances. The core riders will travel 60 miles a day, 7 days a week no long breaks. Their days will start at
around sunrise, with stops at local farms, universities and organisations that are championing soil health.