wales arts review

Dear Reader…

From April 10th 2015 Wales Arts Review will no long be a fortnightly on-line magazine. Our new vision, the one our team has been working on tirelessly for the last 3 months, has been entirely focussed on delivering a modern and vital publication, one in tune with the needs and expectations of a contemporary global audience. And so, the new Wales Arts Review will be a constant rolling website, regularly updated with content, as and when that content is ready and most relevant; an energetic, thoughtful, and high quality new arts media for Wales. We will publish the best writing anywhere on the arts in Wales and beyond, including reviews, interviews, features and much much more.

From April 10th, Wales will have its first and only high quality media website dedicated to coverage, debate and criticism of arts and culture.

We will address the broad spectrum of creative endeavours, as has come to be expected of us, as well as now looking at “new media” and current affairs, all the while delivering the best in new cultural criticism. All of this delivered on our brand new cutting edge website, what we believe will prove to be an indispensable medium for lovers of the arts everywhere.

Content will be shared via our various social media accounts, and we will still be sending out regular newsletters to highlight our major features, but the best way to keep up to date with Wales Arts Review from April 10th will be, simply, add us to your favourites and make us your first port of call for the best writing on the arts in Wales and the wider world.

Just two weeks to go. We cannot wait to share our work with you