Wales’ Largest sight loss charity RNIB is making a plea for volunteers!



Wales’ largest sight loss charity is making a plea for volunteers in Wales.

 The charity is looking for volunteers to support local blind and partially sighted people to be digitally connected and enjoy the benefits of being online.  This includes devices such as tablets, e-readers and smart phones.  Helping people to get online can open up a whole new world and increase independence.

Sharon Jones, RNIB Cymru’s Volunteering Development Advisor, said:

“We’re going to make everyday digital skills available to as many people with sensory loss as we can.

“We will help people gain basic skills and confidence to use technology through providing one to one training in the home, group sessions and workshops at various locations across Wales.

“With technology today, we can shop, search for jobs, chat, watch television, and even sit exams online which many of us take for granted, but so much of that is more difficult for people with sight loss.

“82 per cent of blind and partially sighted people say that their sight loss is the reason they are not online, so we know that accessibility is a major barrier, but with modern screen readers and magnification software, many sites can be navigated with ease.  Many devices now have accessibility features that enable users to magnify or have voiceover. This is why we need volunteers with the knowledge or experience to provide support to people with sight loss.”

Volunteers will receive training, and all out of pocket expenses will be provided.

For more information about this and all other volunteering roles in Wales, please visit

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