Wales Spring Clean starts on 11 March



  • 77% of those from wales ensure to clean more when guests are coming round
  • Over half (51%) of the Welsh take cleaning short cuts
  • Some even bribe others to help them clean with 50% of those that do offering cash for others to do so

The days are getting longer and warmer and according to new research by Britain’s leading floorcare brand Vax*, this means spring has officially arrived. Closely on its tail is the spring clean: on average Wales start their Spring on the 11 March.

Despite this 51% of people admit to taking cleaning short cuts! Over a fifth of the Welsh (22%) said they have sprayed air freshener to make it smell like they’ve cleaned. Furthermore, 21% of the Welsh surveyed have confessed to putting recyclable materials in to an ordinary bin with as much as 17% of people going as far as buying a new product rather than cleaning one!

The Welsh mainly dislike how long the Spring Clean takes (45%). Wales does make an effort to clean before entertaining though, surprisingly not for parents but for visits from our friends. Most of Wales spends as long as two hours cleaning for visitors (30%). Over three quarters of Wales (73%) clean more when guests come round and 39% clean the most for their pals compared to only 17% who do so for their parents.

The majority will be flying solo when it comes to sprucing up their homes for spring (53%) and as many as 43% would most like a machine to assist with oven cleaning, whilst 31% of people said they would be more inclined to do a job they didn’t like with a gadget.

35% of the Welsh admitted that they are the messiest in their household! 28% of those in Wales are motivated by maintaining a healthy, hygienic household. Plus, around 37% said they spend less than 15 minutes per day cleaning their home whilst over a quarter (27%) clean their house on a weekly basis and another quarter (27%) on a monthly basis.

Vax cleaning expert, Christina McDaid added, “Time is precious. We all have busy lives and don’t want to spend too long cleaning, so we need products that are fast and effective. That’s why the engineers at Vax have developed machines designed to make light work of even the most arduous cleaning tasks. From powerful cordless vacuums that give you the freedom to clean untethered, to deep cleaning, quick-drying carpet washers and multi-function steam cleaners that shift grease and grime in no time. These advances in technology mean cleaning doesn’t have to be hard work – you can get the job done quickly and then get on with your life.”

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