Welsh charity is calling on the Government to gets its act together in promoting active travel


Charity for everyday walking, Living Streets Cymru will be giving evidence on Wednesday (20 January) at the Business and Enterprise Committee, calling on the Welsh Government to do more to promote active travel.

Points for debate include Welsh Government leadership on active travel, a lack of promotion of active travel in workplaces and community groups and the need for active travel targets.

Rachel Maycock, Living Streets Wales Manager says: “The passing of the first Active Travel Act in Wales 2013 was a fantastic signal that the Welsh Government had their priorities straight. But the lack of action since leaves room for improvement.

“I want to see a clear plan of action from the Welsh Government on how they intend to increase the number of people partaking in physical activity each day.  Communities across Wales are yet to feel any benefit of the Active Travel Act.

“We are dealing with a decline in the walk to school and more and more people driving short distances. Low physical activity levels among children and adults costs NHS Wales £650 million a year.

“Having passed the world-first Active Travel Act we now need the Welsh Government to turn it into action and get Wales walking more.”

Living Streets Cymru wants to see adequate funding allocated to the Active Travel Act 2013, transparency in progress and visibility of leadership.