• Walking and cycling charity Sustrans is launching its third online travel challenge for workplaces


Results from October’s Cymru Travel Challenge reveal that on average, car users can save up to £1,000 a year when they switch from a car commute to cycling or walking.  Walking and cycling charity Sustrans is running its third challenge this July, helping more people in Wales to opt for a healthier mode of transport and saving money as a result.  The challenge is completely free of charge and now open for registration.


Funded by Welsh Government, the Cymru Travel Challenge is an online platform which allows individuals to set personal targets, track journey progress, calories burnt, miles covered and much more.  Each stage of the challenge is incentivised by competition between individuals and workplaces to win prizes – including a fit bit, Wiggle vouchers, cinema vouchers and lovetoshop vouchers.


It is well documented that people who cycle and walk to work enjoy better health than those who travel by car.  The challenge offers a fun way for workplaces to get together and compete to make small changes to the way they travel with big results.


Steve Brooks, National Director for Sustrans Cymru said:


‘‘I am thrilled we are running a third challenge and building on May and October’s successes.  Workplaces need to be encouraged to take an active role in getting their staff to use healthier modes of transport.  We know that building physical activity into our everyday activities improves our health and well-being which is a crucial contributor to a successful workforce.  Staff will have fun taking part in the challenge whilst doing their bit for the environment and their well-being.  Several organisations have already shown great enthusiasm and we hope that more organisations continue to follow suit.’’

Individuals and workplaces can now sign up to the challenge here.
Public Health Minister, Rebecca Evans, said:


“I am pleased the Welsh Government has been able to support Sustrans to deliver the Cymru Travel Challenge. The project aims to help employees across Wales switch their car commute for healthier modes of transport. Walking or cycling more often will not only improve people’s health and wellbeing, but also save them money.


“There are significant benefits for employers as well. A healthier workforce is more likely to be happier and more productive workforce. I encourage employers to sign up to the Cymru Travel Challenge.”