Welsh entrepreneur launches free event for struggling young people


Jimmy Williams, founder and CEO of Urban Jungle, has launched a free, online event to offer support and advice to students and young people rocked by Covid-19  

YOUNG people are facing unprecedented challenges and urgently need guidance and support, says a prominent Welsh entrepreneur.

Jimmy Williams, who grew up in Pontypridd and now runs insurtech company Urban Jungle, is increasingly concerned about the prospects of young adults whose education, work and training prospects have been blighted by the Covid-19 pandemic.  

As part of an effort to help students and young adults get back on track, Williams has joined five other entrepreneurs and business leaders to launch Generation Jungle, a completely free, online event, offering advice and inspiration on how to get ahead in a disrupted world. 

Generation Jungle aims to offer a gateway and a greater sense of hope and opportunity, with leading experts offering their services and advice for free in order to address these pressing problems.

The online event will take place on October 8, running from 2pm to 5pm GMT, and will feature insight from entrepreneurs, training providers and employers on how young people can get ahead after a year of disruption.

“It’s been a very tough year for young people and I feel they need advice and support like never before,” says Williams, “But, despite the many setbacks, there are still a huge number of opportunities out there and we want to do our part in helping students and young people get back on track.”

Williams went to the University of Cambridge and then worked in London for a number of years before setting up his own company, Urban Jungle. He says the idea of running a business came from his father.

“When I was younger, I thought people like me could only be successful by becoming lawyers or accountants. It wasn’t until after going to Uni and getting into the jobs market that I really realised that I could do anything, including starting my own business.

“I also saw my dad lose the small business he started in the 1992 recession, and myself entered the job market during the 2008 financial crisis, so I know first-hand how much tough economic times can affect people. I’m hoping we can give people a few tricks and tips to help navigate a tough and changing jobs market.”

Topics under discussion include how to make money through self-employment and side hustles, how to gain crucial skills and take advantage of the ‘tech skills gap’, and what employers are really looking for in the 2020s.

The speaker line-up includes:

Simon Paine, co-founder and CEO of the PopUp Business School, has helped launch over 7,500 businesses and educated over 10,000 entrepreneurs across the world.

Carlene Jackson, founder of the rapidly growing tech company Cloud9 Insight and government approved apprenticeship provider Vantage Academy.

Luke Mead, founder of LMS Group, who set up his company when he was just 15 years old and has now turned it into a multi-million pound enterprise.

Jimmy Williams, CEO of insurtech Urban Jungle, who since founding his business in 2016 has grown it to 23 staff, amassed over 25,000 customers and raised £7.8m in funding from private investors and VCs.

Ekua Cant, author of Be Your No.1 Cheerleader, a serial entrepreneur, campaigner and senior adviser to business and civic leaders.

Jaz Broughton, who coaches young tech professionals and entrepreneurs and partners with organisations such as Enterprise Nation, General Assembly and Red Badger.

Generation Jungle is an entirely free event

Generation Jungle is an entirely free event for students and young people looking for advice, support and encouragement in a tough jobs market. Sponsored by insurance company Urban Jungle, it will offer impartial advice on building skills and confidence, starting up a business and career development. Find out more here: