Why I’m sleeping out for Byte Night


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KPMG director Jeremy Thomas reveals the motivation behind braving Wales’ autumn weather for the UK’s largest sponsored sleep out

On October 7th, more than 100 people, including myself, will be sleeping out in Cardiff as part of Byte Night – the UK’s largest sleep out, taking place in ten cities across the country. We will be spending the night tucked up in our sleeping bags at the iconic Principality Stadium in Cardiff to raise money for charity Action for Children and to help ensure that vulnerable young people across Cardiff and Wales have a safe and loving place to call home.

As a Byte Night board member, I’m proud to say that businesses across Wales including my own company KPMG, Acorn, Admiral, Amber Group, BT, Barclays, Capital Networks Solutions, Spindogs, Cardiff Start and CGI have already signed-up to sleep out. However, we’d like to ask other companies from any industry to join us. This is your chance to take part in a truly life changing event – and experience something truly unforgettable!

Jerremy Thomas

Jeremy Thomas, KPMG

This is my first Byte Night and everything I hear from KPMG colleagues, proudly sleeping out at all Byte Night venues around the country, is that the sleep out just gets better each year and the camaraderie that you feel taking part with everyone is very special.  It’s an opportunity for networking and team-building in a pretty unique setting. Although it’ll be a hard night, it will also be fun – but the difference is we can return to warm homes, full fridges and cosy beds in the morning. For many children and young people living in UK this simply isn’t the case.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the young people that Action for Children supports and hear their inspiring stories first-hand. At times, I find it extremely hard to comprehend some of the desperate situations and circumstances young people find themselves in with no support or guidance. They often run away from abusive homes but they don’t want to be on their own.   I feel proud to be involved for the first time and help raise more and more money to provide more support, which can really help put their lives back on track.

That’s why I’m sleeping out this year in Byte Night Wales’ inaugural event. It might be tough when the Cardiff weather does its worst but that just reinforces the reason for doing it; I have a choice, whereas the young people we support simply don’t.

We need companies, big and small, and committed professionals across Wales to sleep out and help Action for Children support the most vulnerable young people in society; those who need it most.

Byte Night 2015 raised over £1.1 million, with more than 1,300 people sleeping out on one night across the UK. If you would like to find out more about Byte Night or register to take part this year, please visit bytenight.org.uk or contact the Byte Night team on [email protected].

One night really does make a lifetime’s difference.

If you would like to find out more about Byte Night, please visit www.bytenight.org.uk or contact the Byte Night team on [email protected]