Why residents in Wales should consider fostering siblings


Action for Children has found that two fifths of children in Wales have been separated from their brothers and sisters when placed in foster care. I am joining the charity in asking people in Wales not only to consider fostering, but to consider fostering siblings, so that children who have had a difficult start in life can heal and grow together.

I was fostered on my own from the age of three and I grew up without my 10 brothers and sisters. Being separated from the people I loved most in this world, from those who protected me and guided me, made me become very quiet and withdrawn. I used to dream that my brothers and sisters would come and find me.

Splitting siblings can cause feelings of loss and abandonment which can affect emotional and mental health. It increases the risk of unstable foster placements and poor performance at school, as well as further problems in adulthood, such as difficulty finding a job, drug and alcohol addiction, homelessness or criminal activity. That is why more people are needed in Wales to provide loving and caring homes to groups of children.

If you would like to find out more about fostering with Action for Children, please phone 0845 200 5162 or visit actionforchildren.org.uk.

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