Wizard of Oz at The New Theatre



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The Wizard of Oz is a family favourite of mine so it was inevitable that I would take my own children to see a live performance at The New Theatre.

The show was directed by Orbit Theatre, Wales’ No 1 amateur company.

Dorothy was played by Jodie Bird.  Jodi got to the semi finals in Britain’s got Talent last year.  She has the most beautiful voice and sounded very much like Judy Garland in both speaking and singing parts.  Toto was the most adorable dog and captured the audiences hearts.  Even the scary costumes, flashing lights, loud noises, smoke machines and being accidentally kicked in the face during a dancing scene he  didn’t seem to be fazed at all.

The Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion all played their parts brilliantly.  There was plenty of humour throughout the performance and a particularly funny line taken from the Lion King.


witch 1

The wicked witch of the West was the perfect villain.   There was plenty of booing and hissing from the audience to set the scene.  She appeared on the balcony and flew through the air with plenty of green smoke to make the atmosphere scary.

Unless it was my eyes playing tricks I have never seen so many different backdrops to each scene. It really was impressive. Also the choreography was truly lovely to watch.  There was a mix of tap, ballet and traditional dancing, it really gave the setting that extra bit of magic.

If I had to sum up the show it would be the loveable dog, fantastic humour, nostalgia, classical songs, exciting the audience, wonderful choreography and exquisitely directed.

This is the perfect family show, which is not to be missed.

To book tickets go to www.newtheatrecardiff.co.uk

or call 029 2087 8889