World Down Syndrome Day (March 21st)


To commemorate the 11th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day, Wyn Evans, a column writer for Cardiff Times, and loving father to his Down Syndrome daughter , shared a moving status on his facebook page yesterday:

‘I’ve often wondered what I would say or do if someone dissed Angharad or her Down Syndrome in front of her and me. I hope I would respond politely but informatively. I hope I would respond at all. I’m lucky, cos I have the finest daughter in the world, and I’m intelligent, and gobby, and occasionally very confident (when I’m not depressed).

I also have this blog, and a column in a local magazine, and an occasional audience in the DSA, on the radio, or in local talks. I have a forum and a voice to fill it. But I also recognise that a testing moment can come and go in a flash and you can lose your voice in an instant. What this man says is no different to what any parent would say about their child (with or without DS); no different, at least, for any reasonably thoughtful and emotionally-aware parent. But what he says is so laden with love and meaning that I offer my readers this truth…

… take 4 minutes of your life and click on the video through this link. You will be moved and heartened. You will learn some more about Down Syndrome too.’ – Wyn Evans  (his facebook page is available at:

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Raise awareness this March, and make a difference.