World Heart Day


Medical research charity, Heart Research UK, believes life is for living and living it to the full.

Coronary heart disease is the UK’s single biggest killer, but fortunately a significant number of cases are preventable and the charity’s priority is to stop people getting the condition in the first place.

With such a wide variety of healthy options available nowadays, there’s no better time to kick start your future with a healthier attitude.  From healthy food options, low cost gyms, nutritional labelling on food and smoking restrictions, the support is out there and Heart Research UK is urging people to focus on their health, not just now but into the future.  Your health is, after all, the most important thing you’ll ever own.


World Heart Day, on 29 September 2016, is the world’s biggest platform for raising awareness and funds for heart disease and Heart Research UK is encouraging all people of all ages to find out what they can do to love their hearts and power their lives. It’s easy to give your heart the care it deserves, and with just a few simple steps such as eating more healthily, cutting down on alcohol and stopping smoking, you can improve your heart health and overall well-being.

Heart Research UK is asking the nation to get its thinking caps on and plan something for World Heart Day to help spread the health message.

Whether you organise a healthy bake off, a sponsored Step-a-Thon, a 5 aside football match, a static bike ride, skydive or even a sponsored weight loss, the charity can support you with ideas, advice and all you need to make a success of your World Heart Day activity.

Why not plan your World Heart Day at work, with friends, in your local community or with your family, anything goes and the more the merrier.

Heart Research UK truly believes that money raised locally should be spent back in the communities it was raised. Its mission is to always spend money locally, helping hearts near you.

If you believe we should be a health conscious country, with a healthy attitude to exercise and diet, then get in touch to help Heart Research UK on its journey to get Britain healthier. Please call 0113 234 7474, email [email protected] or visit for lots of ideas and inspiration.