World of Words


World of Words (WOW) is a non-profit, social enterprise with a constitution and fundraising necessities. WOW empowers children via literacy and language. WOW responds to partnership schools that refer children in order to build confidence and self-esteem. WOW works with pupils for any number of reasons e.g. the children may be: Reluctant readers; underachievers; dyslexic; In need of verbal interaction with male company; needing focussed attention in smaller classes; infants moving up to junior level; pupils who can upgrade skills before they leave primary school; better suited to working in a same gender group; lacking help at home; happier choosing WOW resources; requiring a fun way of learning.

WOW also discusses the importance of factors such as: Respect; trying one’s best; honesty; making mistakes and bouncing back; sensible behaviour; appropriate role models; helping oneself and others; choosing friends; safety concerns; the avoidance of drugs, alcohol and crime; facing challenges; achieving one’s goals; fulfilment; the positives of school; the value of money; the responsibilities of adulthood; and, the future.

In 2009 Only Boys Allowed (OBA) began via a quest to improve boys’ literacy. WOW wed OBA with the Only Girls Allowed (OGA) scheme that was later developed; and, 18 schools and around 1500 children have been involved.

Educationalists, politicians and the media call for improvements in literacy standards. 8,000 children surveyed in one area led to these statistics: 23% called for specific help; 28% desired more fun classes; and 22% wanted more aid. WOW addresses these issues, and many youngsters have responded!

Adulthood has many demands led by literacy and WOW also explains about the many positive purposes of good reading skills. Children find out about the products of reading and its many diverse benefits.

WOW: Fundraises; creates its own poems and tales; hunts for incentives; searches for resources, and arranges visits from role models such as the police, firefighters, the military, The Dog’s Trust, poets and storywriters.

WOW has also gained respect from the likes of: Leighton Andrews (Welsh Assembly Education Minister) and Leanne Wood AM and Plaid Cymru Leader.

A 24/7 agenda to create capital enables WOW to operate. A voluntary WOW management committee enables the scheme to prosper and a workforce can then thrive and a host of other expenses may be covered.

Various schools have reported that WOW has led to: A significant improvement in motivation, attitude and standards; a positive effect on speaking and listening skills; enjoyment; improved reading ages; 100% attendance for the sessions; and the children were now reading!

WOW builds strong community links which has led to great incentives being introduced. Many kind organisations have offered WOW prizes and the children have had some great out of school experiences.

WOW uses diverse tools and the input of self-penned stories/poems (with strong moral messages) has proven to be a popular addition to the weekly sessions.

The tales have given a lot of food for thought amongst young readers, sparked interesting debate and stimulated minds. Some of these texts call for their audiences to create their own endings, and henceforth the children can have even more input whether verbally or in written form.

WOW imparts its ideas at an early age and offers hope to our future generations. The WOW motto is ‘Life is a test, so try your best!’ WOW hopes you can help and it is gratefully appreciated if you can make a donation.